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About Us

Filmatography is the premier production studio of London and Dubai, providing services for clients across the UK, the UAE and the world. Innovation is a core ethos, utilising the latest in technology and equipment to constantly push the boundaries of excellence and creativity. An unparalleled level of quality is achieved by having a team of expert personnel including: film producers, directors, cameramen, sound engineers and editors working on every production.

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Filmatography are the perfect partner to realise the internet’s marketing potential with engaging cinematic films to promote services and products. As one of the leading post-production studios in the UK, we has huge benefits to offer through its services. The camera equipment is the best the industry has to offer generating a highly cinematic look and a production quality second to none. Our professionalism and expertise as a team can bring ideas and support at every stage of the project. The in-house editing department ensures turn around times are not only fast but achieved to a distinguished level, with flexibility to customise the look and the feel of every film to suit the brand profiling.


Filmatography is London and Dubai’s premier production studio, creating inspired film and photography coverage for events through the UK, UAE and the world. Our approach is underpinned by a passion for story telling, enhanced by a cutting edge studio post production department, to create beautiful albums and cinematic films. Innovation is core to our ethos, utilising the latest in technology and equipment to constantly push the boundaries of excellence and creativity.

Animation & Music Production

Animation Filmatography recently joined the world of animation enabling them to create imagery which is not achievable through live filming. With 3D animation, anything is possible. It will allow you to show viewers products in a whole new way, taking them through buildings that are not yet built and locations that don’t yet exist. Our team works side by side with the camera crew to make the end product seamless and inspiring. Music Production Since Filmatography started producing films, music has been the inspiration to their editing. To enhance the production, Filmatography has now started producing music in-house in order to release their create potential and get exactly what they want out of the music, the filming and the edit. The composers are working side by side with the editor and customising each piece to give storyboard concepts their creative life.

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