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It started a long time ago When I was twelve years old I baked in home economics class Then I discovered a passion that would last. The magic word was baking It really got me going It started with cookies Simple ones, not for showing! Years passed, countries traveled Children borne, menus discovered Baking came along, with all occasions Birthdays, Eid, bake sales, graduations. It was not until 2009, when a new baby was born It was when I discovered, myself in cookies.ae The magic that comes with baking, and what it brings me The art of decorating, the joy, and most of all, the creativity. I have to say, it is wonderful, to do what I do And I have to say, I do it all, by myself, I do The baking, the decorating, the packing, I do The help & support I get is from my family, I do.

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