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About aura-b "To achieve a positive aura, it is essential to surround ourselves with beauty, and to enjoy a lifestyle that enhances our wellbeing." This is precisely what we at aura-bcom set out to do. aura-b.com is a new concept of Online lifestyle Boutique in the Middle East which encourages independent regional and international designers who offers unique and original lifestyle elements. As a multi-brand boutique, we offer our customers, clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, furniture, home accessories and much more categories ... all, under one virtual roof. Our collections and unique pieces are meticulously handpicked from worldwide designer, lavishing you with fresh individuality and style. Within a few clicks, you can purchase your order, and have it delivered directly to your door. Enhance your Aura! What is aura-b ? "Surrounding yourself with beautiful things helps you achieve positive Aura" aura-b.com is an online lifestyle Boutique that supports and encourages independent designers and brands and helps them grow while offering unique and original lifestyle elements to people. aura-b.com features regional and international artists and offers you products that help you enhance your wellbeing ...aura-b brings beauty to your life by being your lifestyle companion. It offers you a unique Fashion Advisor section and gives you the extraordinary chance to get in touch with key experts and seek their advices...

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Solar Plexus Chakra - Bracelet

A beautiful bracelet from eyeBuddha that brings style & soul together. The precious materials of each design share the benefits of its colour, its crystal and its charm presenting a harmonious blend of serenity and style. Made from Citrine, a powerful stone for clarity and bringing joy & abundance, this bracelet is designed to work on the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping the wearer with confidence & self worth. The Manipura charm is made of Sterling Silver. All eyeBuddha finishing touches are in Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil and due to the natural beauty of these stones, colour may slightly vary.

AED 402.00

Jamawar Clutch


AED 173.00

Off One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder jersey dress with black stones embellishments

AED 420.00

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