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Love your bump without the frump. It’s a simple mantra that Blush and Bloom live by. If you’ve just found out you’re expecting, (and you don’t expect to have a style lobotomy), then Blush and Bloom is the online maternity boutique for you. We understand that being pregnant is as much about you as it is about your baby. Pregnancy is a fabulous time in a woman’s life and you deserve to look and feel fabulous too. Blush and Bloom strives to bring high quality, high street fashion to maternity wear, at an affordable price, so that you can keep your sense of style. There is no need to exchange your fashion flair for frumpy maternity cover ups. If you’re a style conscious woman Blush and Bloom can help you confidently dress in style for the next 9 months and beyond. When founder Loretta Kiss first moved to Dubai in 2008 she quickly discovered that new mothers both in the United Arab Emirates and across the Gulf were struggling for choice when it came to contemporary maternity fashion and lingerie. With maternity wear treated as an afterthought in both children and department stores, Loretta decided that a contemporary online boutique dedicated to pregnant woman, was well over due in the middle east. Loretta firmly believes that a pregnant woman should not lose her sense of style simply because she is pregnant. In fact she strongly believes that pregnant women become even more conscious of how their bodies look as they go through dramatic and exciting changes. With that in mind, Loretta harnessed her advertising and digital design skills to create an exclusive online maternity boutique that stocks fabulously hip and stylish collections - guaranteed to appeal to the most discerning expecting mother. An independent boutique that combines both maternity and non-maternity brands to create a shopping experience that reflects the way the modern woman shops. Loretta hand picks chic, up to the minute maternity styles and accessories that are sourced from established and well known international designers that specialise in creating beautiful maternity wear, lingerie and swimwear that will flatter your new figure. Blush and Bloom also stocks practical breastfeeding accessories, chemical free pregnancy skin care and ‘can’t live without’ shapewear to get you back into your pre-pregnancy shape fast. Blush and Bloom has also created beautiful tailored gift packs for the expecting mother to suit every stage of her pregnancy from 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters and beyond. These delightful packs offer a range of products including maternity fashion, health and beauty, breast feeding, accessories, beautiful maternity lingerie and divine organic new born outfits making them the perfect gift for new mothers and mothers to be. If you’re still unsure of the best gift to buy for your pregnant loved one, then Blush and Bloom’s beautiful gift cards are the answer. Beautifully printed gift cards tied with ribbon can be delivered straight to her door. Or if you’re in a hurry our lovely eGift Cards can be delivered to her inbox in seconds. Furthermore, every order is beautifully wrapped in our deluxe white, silver and lime green signature packing with ribbons and tissue paper, ensuring your Blush and Bloom shopping experience is a momentous occasion… just like your pregnancy.

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