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About Us

E-Walls is a new easy and fuss free way to express your creativity and personality in your home, workplace or anywhere that takes your fancy!!! It’s the latest and funky way to personalise any space. From floor to ceiling a simple pattern can define and add texture to a clean room. Easy to use, our product is as permanent or as temporary as you’d like it to be, making it perfect for that rental home or those with the philosophy that “change is as good as a holiday”. he designer Headed by Lilliam Pollard, a Brazilian national who has lived on 3 continents out of 7, traveled extensively throughout the world and now resides in Dubai UAE. Lilliam’s global experience and interaction with numerous cultures taught her that there is always the same need for a unique home that shows off your personality. Like a tattoo it can represent anything from a loved one or for a personal passion. Besides being a graphic designer, Lilliam also has an MBA in Marketing and a passion for all that is pretty and different. So, how did you came up with the name E-Walls????? Originally named spice walls- just like the spice girls_ J – this was our first cut out designed placed on the wall. After we started to take it out, we looked at the wall and e walls was all that was left! And just like a light bulb moment, the E-WALLS name shot out at us and it was perfect! Especially these days where everything can be done over the internet…. And now you know. This is how the E-WALLS name was born!

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