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About Us

Gallery Interior Décor for more than 15 years has been serving the Carving Industry with innovation, quality and commitment. Since its establishment in 1992 GID has acquired the technology, skillsets and the know-how to provide quality and time bound Carving solutions to our clients along with meeting deadlines and ensuring total customer satisfaction, which are the winning triumph cards of Gallery Interior Décor. Our production facilities has the state-of-the-art technologies such as the CNC Routers, Laser cutters, Rapid prototyping, 3D camera & imaging and allied equipments that are acquired from the leading World class manufacturers. Our manpower are carefully selected and are trained to perform creative designs, CAD/CAM concepts to producing end products that are un-parallel in its class and quality. Our solid wood carving has earned a distinct merit with uncompromised quality, lifelong lasting finishes that are carefully chosen from the forests of Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Belgium. We create detailed intricacy of Design and Patterns that will not be possible with conventional carving techniques which are handicapped of time constraints, artistic approach and accuracy that it demands. We have made it possible with years of spade work. No match and indispensability replaces our professional teamwork with fool-proof setup.

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