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About Us

Introduction We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our company “Al Jowder Flowers & Landscaping “located in Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Al Jowder Flowers & Landscaping was established in year 2003 as a member of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders “SME “. We are a leading floral design and supplies in Dubai at another dimension, innovative uses of exclusive range of flower as our trade mark. Our core mission is to support and facilitate the development of local business and commercial activity in Dubai. Due to the rapid expansion and growth in our business we have moved from our office at Rashidiya to a bigger space at the Dubai Flower Center occupying a 435 m2 fully equipped, temperature controlled storage facilities. We are offering full comprehensive landscape service which includes flowers, landscape, garden consultations, design, execution, irrigation schemes, construction, operation and maintenance, in other words we can offer turn – key solution to our clients. The experienced specialists in flowers & landscaping at Al Jowder are ready to take up the challenge of giving our clients results that will exceed their expectations. We are producing the finest quality arrangement from the freshest flowers available anywhere in the world. With our highly experienced staff producing stunning displays & bouquets for all occasion which proving the best quality floristry service to meet every requirement. We guarantee efficient and rapid after sales service assuring that the projects are completed on time and to the highest standards. We are always willing to take on requests and contract work for something that’s a little bit different and unique such as airlines, hotels, government, semi government and other business organizations. We do believe that our marketing plan was the most effective element in the success of our company; we were focusing on the benefits offered to the customers not on the details of the products or services. In addition to our innovative expertise in the landscaping & flowers and their ability to produce stunning displays at the best quality service to meet with all requirement. Furthermore, our stock of extra ordinary and unique plants & flowers imported from all the world which enabling us to cater or take any order or contract in a short notice. Main Products: • Cut Fresh Flowers imported directly from the grower to ensure the freshness of the flowers. • Extra Ordinary Indoor & outdoor plants imported from Europe & Asia. • Landscaping Material. Looking forward to meet with you & your team in order to explain the activities of our company & discuss how we can be of service to your esteemed organization. Assuring you of our best Services, we remain, Yours Truly, Khalid Al Jowder

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