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About Us

Enchanté is a Dubai-based lifestyle photography and make-up team keen to offer you non-traditional portraitures to share with your family and friends. We are the newcomers but how are we different from any others? Our specialty is lifestyle photography and far from traditional portrait and studio shots. Our photos portrays people in their element, and sessions are often done outside at interesting locations. We portray real-life situations in a controlled setting. Lighting is bright, airy and natural-looking. Shyrell - the photographer has a natural keen on fashion, beauty and everything girly. She will create concepts that fits your personality, recommends clothes to wear, primp your hair and creates natural flattering make-up. She also controls of the edits so you are sure to get a really personalised service. We only use prime camera and lenses. We are currently shooting with Canon 5D Mark II and has appropriate lenses for different situations. Our packages includes: Enchanté TEENS - for thirteens to nineteens Enchanté KIDS - for one year olds to twelves Enchanté MODELS - for models seeking to add a more natural shoots to their portfolio Enchanté FAMILIES Enchanté PETS We look forward to having you all at Enchanté!

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