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SINCE OUR INCEPTION IN 1988, City Palace has emerged as one of the most reliable company in providing a complete range of services for hard and soft furnishings in the Middle East. Committed to absolute customer satisfaction, our philosophy revolves around a detailed planning, design process to meet client’s stringent requirements; balancing it with functional harmony along with aesthetic appeal. From conception to delivery, we manage the entire process. Whether a new project, renovation, restorations, or reinvention; our projects are completed to the highest quality on schedule & within budget. No effort is spared; be it attention to detail or quality of craftsmanship. You will find that the end result is simply beyond expectations. We offer High Value Interiors & provide value-engineered solutions as well. We provide a fully-integrated range of services & customized interior solutions to the hospitality, retail, finance, aviation, entertainment, yacht, banks, offices and real estate industries. We are proud to be working with the biggest, most specialized architectural and interior design firms in the Middle East. All our clients benefit from our deeply engrained values. To deliver an absolute commitment to quality of work, performance & building of long term relationships are valued by all our clients. Our quality and skilled workmanship speaks for itself as an area we excel in. Established by our late MD, Mr. Julian Nazareth, City Palace is an international team of 240 dedicated professionals, highly skilled in design, engineering, project management. We have ventured into overseas markets with fully functional offices in India & Far East. All staff and contract personnel are selected on the basis of experience, talent, ability along with a broad outlook on all aspects of the interior design industry. City Palace recognizes that its workforce is its biggest asset and is therefore dedicated to empowering its employees and providing them with rewarding careers; ensuring their safety, good health, growth and job security.

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