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Faiza Haute Couture was launched in the fall of 2010 by German/Moroccan designer Faiza Bouaissa. Faiza's intriguing ethnic background allowed her access to both the Western and Eastern hemispheres, broadening her vision and scope for modern day Haute Couture. Faiza's ultimate vision was to intertwine the traditional Moroccan caftan with edgy and vibrant patterns or fabrics, to set her label in a league of its own. With a fresh outlook on the traditional dress, she is able to envision designs of sheer quality and style for both wedding dresses and evening attire. Whilst having lived within the UAE for a number of years, Faiza decided to launch her own caftan line. Faizas' highly skilled tailors from Morocco delicately cut and sculpt the caftans to extreme precision, creating each and every caftan purely by hand. 1:Faiza - Bridal The first and foremost element of Faiza Haute Couture, is the undeniably beautiful wedding caftan (tekshita) collection displaying an iconic array of colours, styles, cuts and creations we have to offer. With the traditional Moroccan bride wearing over 5 dresses on their special day; we ensure the bride to be dazzles her spectators. 2:Faiza by Night The second branch of the Faiza collection is Evening wear. From Couture flowing gowns to structured cocktail dresses; this collection can be worn to gala dinners, family celebrations or whilst dining in the city.We custom design pieces to celebrate each womans body resulting in a polished silhouette from head to toe.This collection is uber-stylish and highly recommended for the lady who likes to shine! 3:Faiza by Day The third and final element of the Faiza fashion empire is Day wear. Simplistic pieces of Western clothing infused with Moroccan touches. Through understated embellishment or textures, we merge west and east to create original and timeless pieces to be worn whilst out and about. This is the ultimate staple for a Dubai wardrobe. Faiza at your Fingertips..... ...for women who would like an effortless and personalized shopping experience; we have the Faiza at your fingertips home parties. Where friends can gather in the home to be styled! Faiza Haute Couture will come to your location with an impressive array of pieces to present to you. We discuss YOUR ideas, designs, thoughts and return with your completed, hand tailored items for you to enjoy.

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