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Since I was into theater, modeling and photography for several years, it landed me to create my own signature in the field of fashion and photography. My style of photography is the totality of combining the real and raw attitude of my subject added with glamour and a touch of seduction and finally enhanced by my eyes on details, captivating the best angle, expression and individuality of each subject. What makes my work remarkable and different is how I redefine beauty; boosting one's confidence and bringing out the best from my models who are actually normal people, but with my expertise they became extraordinarily beautiful. Most of my clients expect the unexpected out from them, amazed and overly satisfied of the images I produced. I build Cube3 Studio together with my talented artist/designer partner Almoda Leo, and in collaboration with professional photographers, digital artists, hair & make-up artists, and stylist in UAE. We are not just photographers but artist who look at every subject like a white canvas and in every single shot we take with our lenses we strive to capture not only one's beauty but also one's feelings, story and ones soul, an equivalent to how an artist stoke his brush; highlighting the magic and bringing out the beautiful masterpiece within that plain white board. As Dubai based photographers, Our team is versatile in various photography fields such as portraits, fashion, advertising and event photography.We’ve been providing professional photography services for both individuals as well as commercial clients

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