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My Name is Leo Almodal. I was born on the 19th of January 1983 in Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines. The 8th of the 9 siblings of Wilhelmina and Elpedio Almodal that are both tailors and dressmakers. I did not have a formal education in fashion designing but ever since the day I was born the sound of the sewing machines that starts working in the break of dawn has been the music to my ear. Fashion Designing is on the top of my list of the many passions I have like music, graphics, painting, photography, architecture and interior designing. I’ve been designing for 10 years now specializing haute couture, bridal, dresses, casuals, jewelry and accessories. I also design men’s wear in formal, casual and trendy styles, sportswear, knits, Arabic clothing, shoes and swimwear. I consider myself an artist in general; I sing a lot, design a lot and sketch a lot every day. My brain is over occupied with a lot of things like an eternal waterfall of ideas and in someway more like a big tree that continuously growing everyday and extending its perplex branches ascending from pure and untainted love of art and beauty. I love freedom and to work creatively. My inspiration and influences are everywhere, anything and everything that exist; the Earth, nature, space, people, culture, religion, abstract, music and arts. I see things like they are all connected with each other, intermingling in a diverse but harmonious pattern; converting them into a tangible product that I call fashion and art....and that’s what I do! :D I am connected with CUBE3 with Jeffrey Anog where I work as an art director for beauty and fashion projects, model’s portfolio, product shoots and advertisements. I’ve got a lot of things to say but…. that’s for now… If I continue maybe I will have to write a full book because it’s a looooonnngggg story…. :D

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