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Here at Dubai Blinds we are proud to be the UAE’s no. 1 for blinds. We’ve been established for over 7 years in Dubai and 20 years in the UK, and have built and enviable reputation for stylish designs and excellent quality at affordable prices. Our blinds add the finishing touch to any room and with many styles and fabrics to select from you’ll be spoilt for choice. All of our binds are measured and fitted for FREE to your precise requirements by our skilled local advisors, because they are made to last for years and withstand regular daily usage you can be sure you’re getting great value for money. We are passionate both about our products and our people making sure you receive the best blinds backed by first class customer service that’s because we truly believe in what we do with a genuine enthusiasm that you won’t find elsewhere. At the heart of all our blinds lies rigorous testing to ensure they can meet the demands of everyday use in your home. Fabrics are exposed to temperatures from 5 to 50 degrees to measure moisture absorption and release. We also check resistance to colour changes when exposed to light and we subject mechanical components to repeated usage so that they can handle daily opening and closing year in, year out. Our expert and experienced product managers are constantly seeking new designs styles and materials giving you a world of choice to match both your lifestyle and the different demands in every room in your home.

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