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About Us

Azi is -an internationally acclaimed award winning photographer and has been trained in the United States of America. The sphere of specialty he revolves in; is Portraiture and innovative nature of representing identities. In his life, Azi has drawn significant lines which are undeniably unique. In his juvenile years, his imaginative sense of photography was adequately natural. It has never been an acquaintance for Azi to vitalize his thoughts and practice in a traditional photography school. His keen interest to polish his skills in photography carried him in attending workshops, seminars, joining several clubs, forums and associations. Gradually, as he acknowledged his talent, he later transformed his passion into profession. Whilst, the advent of digital photography altered the realm of art rapidly; the comprehended aggression of photography led him to step in the world of teaching and demonstrate timely managed expertise and experience with the right direction into this field. Azi’s antagonism to flush out his experience through meticulous teaching has been profound in the conceptual photography and enlightened with immense exposure which brings much more to shoots than just a photograph. Best Photographer Award: by Jacksonville Camera Club U.S.A for 3 years in a row. Shutterbug Award: by Jacksonville Camera Club U.S.A for 3 years in a row. Grand Prize Winner: in Petersen’s Photographic Magazine & International Photographic Council U.S.A. Received an award by Robert Huntzinger (Kodalux). Achievement Award: by Florida Camera Club Council U.S.A. Excellence Award in Fashion Photography: by Women’s Development Social Welfare Association-Pakistan

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