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Unlike any other fairy tale, our story is very real. BIG IDEA BOX was driven by an idea as the name suggests.  It was a sunny morning and we had just finished a great breakfast with delicious pancakes. It was after that content feeling that our day took a turn and showed us what the world was missing. We had a lunch seminar at a hotel that afternoon, followed by a wedding at the beach and a superb dinner on a cruise. The seminar was packed with guests. The dimmed lights and a flickering projector did the job of getting the attention of the crowd. The food was sumptuous, however the service was slow. The audio was crackling and the ideas were not being heard. When we reached the beach for the wedding, the sand was ever inviting. The bride looked stunning. The celebrations were at the peak when the entertainment went missing. The waves were our only music with a silent chatter. The aisle was full of petals fallen from the altar (Bizarre!) and finally the brides father was seen with a raised eyebrow with the organizer. We then set sail at 8:30pm. The boat was beautifully decorated and there was music all around. The lights were somewhat missing and the bartender was pouring drinks unknowingly. We headed back home! After an eventful day we realized why all this happened. If the audiovisual were right, the seminar would have conveyed its message. The bride’s father would have spent more time with his daughter if the organizer had managed their wedding promptly. Finally, the cruise would have been exhilarating if the party had more energy. It took us that moment to understand that in order to see a smile when celebrating; all it needs is orchestrated co-ordination. BIG IDEA BOX took shape to understand these missing links and fill them. Our story comes from events that happen in our daily life. It is an experience that many of you must have been through. What we can do to keep your smile going is only a click and a call away.

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